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Dr. Smith has written the best book on creating, recruiting, managing, and benefiting from advisory boards. Although I have personally used these boards in the past, Dr. Smith’s book gave me several good ideas and validated many of my personal experiences and views about the use of advisory boards for start-up and growth companies. I highly recommend this book. Dr. Richard P. George

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Amazing Pace: Turbo-Charged Business Development

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Learn how to make business development
live up to its name

“The book is great! It gives perspectives that are not only enlightening but flow of the book stimulates the thought process associated with building a truly successful business. It is direct for those willing to open their minds and understand that they are not the single greatest business authority. This book provides a refreshing view of the dual process involved between the CEO and the expert on how to take a company to the next level – the level of success!” David Dougherty, Vice President, Public Sector, RWD Technologies

What a great read! You portrayed the process of achieving excellence in an organization with wonderful detail. From the challenge to the resolution, I found myself identifying strongly with the efforts. The roll out of the material was well ordered and an easy read. I could empathize and relate strongly from the facilitation I’ve done over the years. I’m encouraged by the language and style of your efforts and your ability to relate the details concisely noting several key philosophies we have in common, especially the preparation, strategic and holistic approaches. It really is challenging to get people out of their boxes, even when popping the lid off will catapult their success. I absolutely love the work. Zen Benefiel, MBA, MAOM, CLC, CH

  • Why does business development never seem to fully live up to its name?
  • Why is it so difficult to get business development working effectively for your company?
  • Why does your B/D team look like a series of revolving doors – with one person after another being hired amid great fanfare only to be let go within a year for ‘non-performance’?
  • All these consultants are peddling the same tired old solutions to a problem that never seems to go away. Why can’t somebody come up with something that works?

There just has to be a better way!

Amazing Pace: Turbo-Charged Business Development will show you how to:

  • Target business more effectively
  • Win business more consistently
  • Improve your capture percentages – reduce uncertainty
  • Win business in larger chunks
  • Fill the pipeline with high quality opportunities
  • Leverage the contacts, reputations and knowledge of very senior advisers
  • Improve the brand values of your company and yourself
  • Compete more effectively with the ‘big boys’
  • Get four to six very well connected and experienced mentors dedicated to your success

Amazing Pace: Turbo-charged Business Development will show you the better way. Based on more than twenty years of experience and work with dozens of senior management teams, I have developed a revolutionary approach to business development that really works.

I’ve never met a CEO who was really happy with the way business development was working. They all end up saying about the same thing. “Traditional solutions fail to produce expected results while regularly generating unexpected costs. There needs to be a better way.”

Do you ever get to feeling that way? Are you responsible for bringing in the business and getting frustrated because the approaches that you have been taught for business development just don’t seem to be working as well as you need them to? I remember what a friend told me a long time ago. “Never attempt today’s journeys with yesterday’s maps.” Maybe you just need a new map!!

“Why can’t we get this right? It’s not rocket science and we’re supposed to be good at what we do. Why can’t we get this damn thing right?” I remember the look of utter frustration. I had started three companies by then and knew exactly what this CEO was talking about. Business development is the major challenge of every CEO and senior team.

Being in business begins with getting business. Get it right and you can win big. Get it wrong and nothing else much matters. For all my experience, I had little to suggest to my frustrated companion – it was very humbling. After we parted, I took the first steps on a decade’s long quest for a solution. And, now that it has been developed and proven, I want to share it with those people who are suffering under the same burden as my friend and I were.

And how did I come to develop this new approach? Well, here’s the story in a nutshell.

During my six tours as CEO I have encountered the same challenges over and over. My frustration grew until there was no way out but to find an alternative approach that really worked. Finding a way to make business development work became a crusade. I got very lucky. My fourth company showed me the way. Within six months I had the beginnings of a solution. Those first insights formed the core of an innovative, potent and cost-effective approach to business development. I describe how and why that occurred in Amazing Pace.

Much of the last two decades has been spent developing then refining a solution to what I see as the principal point of pain for most CEOs. During that time I was guided by three goals.

  • First, the solution had to be head-and-shoulders better than competing strategies.
  • Second, it had to be highly cost effective – minimizing the drain on critical resources while generating maximum benefits in the form of turbo-charged business development.
  • And third, it had to work!

So, here is the good news – there is a better way and this book is going to show you how to turn all those nagging questions into fading memories.

Amazing Pace: Turbo-Charged Business Development describes how an advisory board populated with highly experienced, committed and well connected individuals is the fastest and most effective way to drive a company’s top line. The book describes the design, operation and management of such boards – boards that will radically increase the effectiveness of a company’s business development process. It describes how an advisory board populated with highly experienced, committed and well connected individuals is the fastest and most effective way to drive a company’s top line. The book describes the design, operation and management of such boards – boards that will radically increase the effectiveness of a company’s business development process.

Get started today and really shine – make em’ believers – that you are the ‘pro’ when it comes to the business development game. It’s the best $14.95 investment you will ever make.

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Amazing Pace will show you how it is done and, more importantly, that it can be done for virtually any company with amazing results. Its core messages are that:

  1. getting business development right is the primary challenge for any senior team;
  2. there is a solution to this persistent and painful challenge;
  3. the solution is potent and highly cost effective and;
  4. given a professional approach, this solution is not rocket science – it can be deployed for virtually any company

In this book you will read about the design, population and management of these boards and how they can radically increase the effectiveness of a company’s business development process.

Why This Book Is Important

Every senior executive’s future, no matter what their title, depends on how well business development works. Your own future depends on how well it is managed within your company. Many CEOs and other senior executives have become addicted to courses and seminars on the subject. They move from one guru to another only to be disappointed yet again. All they seem to be accomplishing is moving the flatware around on the table – nothing fundamental seems to change and the food never shows up. The cycle goes on and on – with precious time and resources being wasted. So why is this happening?

The basic reason is that none of the offered solutions adequately address the fundamental issues – that the science and art of business development as it is traditionally practiced is inadequate to the challenges that companies now face. Amazing Pace provides you with an entirely new approach. This book will help you break that cycle and set off on a new, highly productive path. It can help you meet a challenge that affects your future and the future of your company – and that makes this book a must read for anybody involved in business development.

“Over the five years that I have worked with Dr. Smith I have found him to be a visionary in the areas of technology assessment and organizational change. Whether serving as a senior strategic advisor or chairman of the board, Earl brings real value to any relationship and is always an agent for growth. He has, on many occasions, provided me with very helpful and insightful assessments of In-Q-Tel portfolio companies and their management. I consider him a trusted and reliable advisor and look forward to working with him in the future.” – Sr. Director Federal Outreach, In-Q-Tel

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