Green_Vest__1AEntrepreneurial Experience: Dr Smith is a serial entrepreneur, political and social theorist, published author and speaker. A veteran of Wall Street, he has served as CEO/Senior Partner for all of the companies which he founded.

Proven Track Record – Across All Major Corporate Functions

Dr Smith’s experience includes designing and organizing companies, business/technology management, team building, strategic alliances, negotiating complex arrangements, governance & compliance, resourcing & financing, mergers & acquisitions, management/team/board assessment, coaching and strategic and tactical planning and implementation.

He serves on boards of directors and advisory boards, as well as in interim senior management positions. Dr. Smith’s expertise includes innovation, governance, succession planning, mergers & acquisitions, team building, strategic planning, turnarounds and reorganization.

Experienced Senior Executive Adviser

Dr Smith has been a highly effective executive adviser to over two dozen CEOs and senior team members and a strategic adviser to numerous senior management teams.

Skills & Selected Achievements

Dr Smith has strong written and verbal skills, is highly personable and able to work with CEOs of emerging technology companies and major corporate boards. Proficient in solving problems and forming and managing teams to implement complex solutions, he is the ultimate “hands on executive”, capable of efficiently managing at all levels. He also possesses a wide ranging network of important contacts. Dr Smith has:

  • Founded and managed a company that revolutionized the financing structures of the US film industry.
  • He worked at the top levels with money center banks, investment banking houses, accounting firms and major studios
  • Founded and managed companies that acquired, financed, renovated and managed multi-family real estate and hospitality properties in six states
  • Helped manage IPO and secondary underwritings for Real Estate Investment Trusts and Public Limited Partnerships in excess of half a billion dollars
  • Also organized and led teams which delivered advisory services to clients such as Lockheed Martin, Tetra Tech, Tenix Datagate, Gerson Lehrman Group and Maxim Systems. He has assembled and managed tailor-made teams of experienced professionals to advise clients on a wide range of complex issues

During his career, Dr Smith has:

  • Founded six companies in a wide range of industries
  • Worked extensively with Wall Street investment banking houses, venture capitalists and accounting and law firms. He speaks CPA and legalese fluently
  • Over three and a half decades of experience across the entire range of building and growing businesses both as a principal and an advisor
  • Helped launch a major division at a front line Wall Street investment banking house
  • Founded a NASDAQ broker/dealer and managed several million dollars in offerings
  • A history of success in start-up, mid-size and front line corporate environments
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