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Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith

I am an entrepreneur, seasoned senior executive, political and social theorist, published author and speaker. A veteran of Wall Street, I have founded and managed two non-profit and six for-profit companies. Those companies ranged from a NASDAQ Broker Dealer in which I was a principal to a company that revolutionized the financing structure of the US film industry. I’ve managed multi-million dollar budgets and staffs up to three hundred as well as served on seven Boards of Directors and three Advisory Boards.

Highlights of Professional Experience

Strategic Advisory

Dr. Smith provides strategic advisory services in the areas of business development of business, turn-around plans, strategic planning, team development and augmentation, merger and acquisition strategies, and leadership and management style. Through his network of strategic partnerships and associations, he has brought together tailor-made teams to advise clients on a wide range of complex issues.

Managing Partner, Growthers

Growthers provides seasoned executives to fill out your senior team. Our partners have C-Level experience. They bring the expertise, energy and know-how to help your team unlock the value in your company. You get the advantage of A-level capabilities you need without the cost of a full-time team member.

We mold your team into a high-powered organization that is focused on rapidly increasing revenue. Under our guidance, the entire team, from marketing to sales, customer service and product development, will be focused on maximizing their contributions to revenue and your company’s top line.

We help clients prepare for growth, drive growth and ride the growth curve. We don’t spend a lot of time getting ready. Our engagements get up to full battle speed quickly and generate results almost immediately.

We overcome one of the most costly challenges – turf wars and lack of close coordination cost a company its future. Getting marketing, sales, business development, customer service and your entire team on the same page and operating more efficiently and effectively than you ever thought possible is essential. The key to revenue growth is close coordination of efforts by all team members towards a clearly understood set of goals.

Managing Partner, The Federal Circle

The Federal Circle helps teams and existing companies to up their game and win big in the Federal space. Our model is based on the belief that, if you select the very best and work with them in a highly professional and focused manner, the results will be truly amazing.

We carefully select existing companies and CEOs who are looking to build a team and buy a company. The process involves interviews with key team members, reference checks, a presentation of a vision and business plan to a red-team of assembled experts and a successful negotiation of an agreement with The Federal Circle. Our objective is to establish productive relationships with the very best companies and teams. We then add our resources and approach to the mix. The result is a partnership that magnifies the potential of the people we work with.

We also work with teams from divisions of larger companies who are seeking to arrange a buy-out and grow through acquisition as well as with existing companies seeking to grow through the same process.

Finally we work with companies preparing for an exit strategy. The Federal Circle supports a strategic planning and implementation process which helps companies establish value that will survive the closing process

Strategic Adviser to the CEO, DataLine llc

Dataline is a leading transformational technology solutions provider to Department of Defense (DoD) and federal customers. Since 1990, its focus has been to integrate best-in-class technologies to provide robust, cost-effective Information Technology (IT) solutions for organizations of all sizes and missions of all criticalities. In partnership with our customers, DataLine is accelerating the rate of change in the DoD’s transformation to Net-Centric Warfare and progressing America’s capability for total Information Dominance.

Chairman, Advisory Board, Ordia Solutions

Ordia provides a Mobile Tactical Collaboration System™ – which is the only product on the market that integrates incident management, collaboration, and blue force tracking into one easy-to-use, ready-out-of-the-box solution.

Strategic Advisor, CSNW

CNS LLC is a Virginia based System Engineering Services firm focused on the research, design, integration, and implementation of Information Technology (IT), Software Systems, Database Architectures, and Interactive Multi-media Instruction (IMI) for the Federal Government, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and Commercial customers.

Strategic Adviser, White Glove Restaurant Services

White Glove Restaurant Services provides kitchen hood and range cleaning services to commercial kitchens throughout the Washington DC, Maryland.

Chairman, Advisory Board, Metro Capital

Metro Capital offers the highest quality of financial services as Balance Sheet Surgeons. Crafting settlements – and infusing cash – since 1994, they have put many millions of $’s back into it clients’ accounts – and saved hundreds of companies from Bankruptcy!

Volunteer, Washington Ear:

Hosted a weekly radio show drawing from articles from the Christian Science Monitor and the Wall Street Journal.

Member, Board of Directors, Board Bench:

Board Bench focuses on improving board performance through a series of proprietary tools including assessment, gap-analysis and succession planning. Board Bench provides a detailed analysis a company’s board – an analysis which serves as a basis for a strategic plan for its augmentation and development. The company then provides support in implementing and monitoring that plan.

Executive Director, Longview

Longview provided strategic advisory services in the areas of business development of business, turn-around plans, strategic planning, team development and augmentation, merger and acquisition strategies, and leadership and management style.

Through his network of strategic partnerships and associations, Dr. Smith brought together tailor-made teams to advise clients on a wide range of complex issues. These teams have rendered advisory services to clients such as Lockheed Martin, Tetra Tech, Tenix Datagate, Gerson Lehrman Group and Maxim Systems.

Member, Board of Directors, Institute of Management Consultants (IMC)

IMC USA is the premier professional association and certifying body for management consultants. Dr. Smith was elected to the Board to help the current management reverse a downward trend in IMC fortunes. IMC has restructured its budget, repaid an accumulated deficit, launched an Academy which is formalizing the award and maintenance of its CMC certification program and adopted best practices in IMC management. IMC is now stabilized and its future is much brighter.

Advisory Board Member, Subsystems Technology

Subsystems Technology is an emerging business which provides World Class Information Technology solutions for a broad base of Government and Industry Clients. Dr. Smith served as advisor to the company’s President and assisted in a reorganization and refocus on the company’s service offerings.

Advisory Board Member, Conquest Systems

Dr. Smith designed, built and served on an Advisory Board for the CEO. The Board included a past Postmaster General, a retired four-star air force general, a past Assistant Secretary of Defense and an international partner from a major law firm.

Executive Director, Nautical Options

Dr. Smith founded and manages Nautical Options – a company which arranges venues for events on-board commercial cruise ships. The company has organized over twenty five events including all-hands retreats for as many as three hundred participants, board meetings, strategic planning retreats, reunions and seminar programs. Dr. Smith has supervised the organization and management of the events and served many times as a social host. In each case, the company handled all arrangements including travel, meeting facilities and special events.

Senior Research Fellow, University of Birmingham, England and Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS), Strathclyde University, Scotland

Dr. Smith conducted research and taught advanced political and social theory to graduate students and faculty. His research was focused on developing an alternative to comparative cultural analysis. He lectured on topics that ranged from the importance of American neo-pragmatists such as Richard Rorty, the works of post-modernist European thinkers like Baumann, Foucault, Levi-Strauss, Derrida, Baudrillard and Lyotard, the writings of American transcendentalists such as Emerson, the theories of communitarian thinkers such as Amati Etzioni and the importance of Thomas Paine in the American Revolution.

As a result of his work and teaching, Dr. Smith was awarded an Honorary Research Doctorate of Philosophy by the Department of Government and Sociology at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland.

Founder and Senior Partner, Smith Malamed Associates

Smith Malamed Associates financed and co-produced feature length films for Columbia Pictures, Paramount Studios and Warner Brothers. These major productions had production budgets in excess of forty million dollars each, involved major stars such as Charles Bronson, Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn, Stockard Channing, Jacqueline Bisset and John Housman. The movies have produced box office revenues well in excess of one hundred million dollars.

Founder/CEO, Noema Management Group

Noema Management provided management services for investment partnerships. The company managed investor communications and relations with a wide range of wealthy individuals and companies.

Noema provided a full range of investment management services for a portfolio in excess of one hundred and fifty million dollars. Its services included investor communications, preparation and presentation of reports, maintenance of financial records, arranging for preparation and filing of tax returns and other reports and responding to investor questions and needs.

Founder/CEO, Smith Hotel Associates

Smith Hotel Associates acquired, refurbished, managed hotel properties in Ohio and Georgia. The company negotiated purchase agreements, arranged acquisition financing, managed the senior on-site staffs, designed and implemented renovation projects, negotiated franchise arrangements, organized and deployed re-branding and marketing programs and then re-sold the properties.

Dr. Smith was responsible for overseeing all phases of the operations. He played a principal role in purchase and sale negotiations, design of renovation projects and selection and oversight of senior management team members.

Smith Hotel Associates had average annual gross revenues in excess of ten million dollars with a staff of over two hundred and a portfolio value in excess of fifty five million dollars.

Principal and Managing Director, Epoche’ Securities, Inc

Dr. Smith founded and served as a principal of a fully licensed NASDAQ brokerage/dealer which placed over fifteen million dollars of investment securities involving portfolios valued at $150,000,000. The securities were placed through major Wall Street investment banking houses, law firms and accounting firms and investment advisors.

In his role as principal, he was responsible for regulatory compliance as well as record keeping and reporting. He took the lead in structuring investment packages, the filings required and coordination of the placement of the securities.

Founder & Managing Partner Smith, Hood & Associates

The Company acquired, refurbished, managed and re-sold multi-family residential properties totaling over 1,100 residential units with a combined purchase price in excess of fifty seven million dollars.

Assistant Vice President, Paine, Weber, Jackson & Curtis

Dr. Smith was recruited by the securities firm of Paine, Weber, Jackson & Curtis. At the time the company was making the transition from a Boston-based retail stock house to a fully fledged Wall Street investment banking house. He relocated to New York City where he focused on new program and product development – particularly in the real estate area.

While at Paine Webber, Earl was involved in managing IPO and secondary underwritings for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Public Limited Partnerships (PLPs); IPO and Secondary underwritings in excess of half a billion dollars.

Assistant Director, Institute for New Enterprise Development

Prior to graduating from the Sloan School at MIT, Dr. Smith co-founded the Institute for New Enterprise Development (INED) with two faculty members and another graduating student. INED applied for and received a multi-year, half-million dollar grant from the Federal Office of Economic Opportunity to develop and deploy programs designed to foster economic activities in economically depressed areas. Over its history this non-profit consulting organization operated under a continuing series of federal grants totaling approximately ten million dollars.

Dr. Smith was involved in all aspects of INED’s activities – from writing and presenting grant applications to organizing and deploying the programs and acting as an instructor for seminars.

Education & Personal Background

Dr. Smith received a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Texas and a Masters of Management Science from the Alfred P. Sloan School at MIT. In 1996 he was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy by the Department of Government and International Studies, Strathclyde University, Glasgow Scotland. Subsequently he taught advanced political and social theory as a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Government, University of Birmingham in England.

Dr. Smith and his wife currently reside in Washington, DC. In his free time he enjoys fishing, boating, travel and music.


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