As a trusted counselor and guide, I am an adviser on matters of fundamental concern. I put my experience, connections and wisdom to work help others succeed.

Guiding Principles

Experience wastes away unless it is put to use helping those whose journey is less complete. I identify those who have the potential to fly and help them do exactly that. I help turn aspirations into reality. To me that is my highest calling – to be able to give advice to those who will benefit from it. It’s a kind of immortality – an echo of a life well lived. Personal success fades quickly but the knowledge, wisdom and humanity that I can pass on will live on long after I am gone. I believe that a legacy is built through the people you help.

Where I’ve had an impact

I have provided strategic advisory services in the areas of business development of business, turnaround plans, strategic planning, team development and augmentation, merger and acquisition strategies, and leadership and management style. Through my network of strategic partnerships and associations, I have brought together tailor-made teams to focus on a wide range of complex issues. I have built and lead advisory boards, served on boards of directors, helped foreign companies enter the US market, formed strategic partnerships, managed M&A programs and negotiated funding and financing.


I formed and lead six teams, served on a dozen Boards of Directors, built and managed half a dozen Advisory Boards as business development engines. A veteran of Wall Street, I served as CEO/Senior Partner for the six companies I founded. I have reorganized companies, managed multi-million dollar budgets and facilitated technology transfer. I have also managed mergers and acquisitions efforts, designed and organized companies,  built senior management teams, established and managed strategic alliances, negotiated complex arrangements, advised on matters of governance & compliance, arranged resourcing & financing and managed strategic and tactical planning and implementation.

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