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Giving Yourself Permission

This might seem like a strange idea at first – giving yourself permission – but, once you think about it some, you will realize that it really gets to the core of how you live – and decide to live – your life. Begin with this simple idea – you are the gatekeeper of your own possibilities – you determine what is possible for you.

Build and manage a team & advisory board – revolutionary approach

Business Development: The Right Way: More energy and effort is put into trying to figure out how to make business development work than any other management function; including advancing the technology that is at the heart of a company’s value proposition. There are plenty of books out that that deal with the technologies and tools of..

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Meeting the Past

Earl R. Smith II. PhD (Read More From My Blog) A while back I was having drinks with a friend who had, with her team, built a very nice mid-market government contractor. They had started with a client that she had developed a solid working relationship with. Like some new companies, they had..

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Mentoring Means Charting the Course for Change and Then Making The Journey

Earl R. Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Most of my mentoring clients come to me with some sort of change in mind. They are responding to a general feeling of dissatisfaction. Most want to change something about themselves or their lives. The depth and detail of understanding that they have..

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Talking to Yourself Authentically

Earl R Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog Item One Have you ever had this experience? You meet with someone for the first time. First thing you know you’re listening to their elevator speech. They go on about the business that they’re in and the latest deal there working on. They..

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Do I Deserve a Mentor?

Earl R Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog My mentoring practice frequently brings me into contact with people with huge amounts of untapped potential who are being stymied by self-limiting behavior. Over the years probably two-thirds of my initial conversations with potential mentoring clients have begun with a focus on whether..

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Apprehension – Fear or Understanding?

Dr. Earl R. Smith II Read More From My Blog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thinking about the meanings of word can often lead to a better understanding of our view of the world and place in it. I don’t mean debating the meanings in the dictionary – I mean discovering which of two definitions you prefer..

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Orthodoxy or Optimism?

I was having drinks with a friend a couple of weeks back when the conversation took a strange turn. As a matter of background, I have known him for a couple of decades, considered him a valued friend and someone who thought before he spoke. We were discussing alternative energy and the likely way forward. What set me back was his insistence that there was no future other than through existing technologies.

How Many?

Earl R. Smith II. PhD (Read More From My Blog) As we begin, let me set the stage. It’s our first session. We’ve dispensed with the preliminaries and I’ve decided to take you on as a mentoring client. You’ve thought through things on your end and decided that working with me is a..

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The ‘Completeness Doctrine’

Earl R Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) A while back I was having drinks with a friend who has been involved in coaching senior executives for several decades. During the course of that conversation he offered an interesting and challenging question: “Why is it that some executives find it so..

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Entrepreneur? What the hell is that?

Earl R Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog Last week I could not even spell entrepreneur now I are one! One of the traps that self-identified entrepreneurs find themselves in comes as a result of a combination of a misunderstanding of the word entrepreneur and a lack of self-knowledge. I’d like to..

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Running On Empty

I recently took a client who came to me through a good friend. She – his friend – was concerned for him and wanted me to help him if I could. Years ago, they had founded a company together and built it up to the point that another, larger company had decided that they just had to have it. The cash out was very good and both of them took off with their respective families for an extended and well-earned vacation.

A New Direction

Earl R. Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog Many people who come to me for mentoring support are certain of one thing – that they are facing a problem which is unique to them. To their relief, they discover that the situation they find themselves in – the challenges that they..

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Mentoring Notes – Focusing On Branding

These are stories about things that don’t have to happen – things that can be avoided. There is nothing in human experience that makes them unavoidable. These are stories about the great divide between knowing and doing – and about how a trusted coach can help you remake your future.

The Recidivist’s Waltz

Earl R. Smith II. PhD (Read More From My Blog) An old friend was fond of saying things that boiled down a situation and focused on the core.  I always enjoyed his company and wry observations. One of the things he was fond of observing was that “People get to deal with the..

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Johnny Can Read and Why It Doesn’t Matter

Earl R Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) I came of age during what might be considered the flowering of the American educational system. The Lockean ideals dominated. The purpose of education was to help us learn how to think. Whether it was a civics class, English studies or science, our..

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Finding Your Path

Finding your path is a truly life-changing experience. Life is no longer uncertainty – your connection between living and your purpose in life goes with you every day. When you honor your possibilities – allow them to become realities – you become the person you always could be.

It works better if you plug it in.

Earl R. Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog It’s a silly thing that defines most lives. The disconnect from the fundamental fact of being alive. It’s as if life was a blender or some other appliance and we spend our time wondering why it’s not working. We press this button or..

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The Importance of Acting on Good Ideas

I recently came across this in one of my old journals. I remember the feelings that were there when I wrote it. Acting on good ideas is part of personal growth – part of an effort at self-improvement. The mind comes up with these flashes of lightening but it is the body that drives them into action.

Ways and Whys of Talking

Ever eavesdrop on a couple of people talking? Sure, we all have. I started to do a lot of that a while back – just to see if there were patterns. I wasn’t interested so much in what was being said but how and why it was being said. What I found was fascinating.

Mentor or Coach? What’s the difference and why is might be important to you.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You have to make changes … Many people stand before the door of opportunity and never knock –  let alone open it and go through. Do you ask yourself … Am I sabotaging my future because of who I have allowed myself to become? Am I who I want to be for the rest..

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In seeking simplicity we ask “does it make us more happy or free?”

This volume is written as a series of ‘thinking pieces’ that are to serve as points of meditation on important matters. Think of them as rocks leading to the shore. I’ll leave you to figure out what and where the shore is, what the canoe signifies and what’s the reason for the journey. All I..

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