Nov 212014

Dr. Earl R. Smith II

Today, many of us we feeling that our lives are horribly out of balance. We are aware that our work-life balance is out of sync but we do not always recognize what we can do about it. It is important to reset the balance, otherwise pressure will build and we can become stressed and then other problems will subsequently develop in our personal lives.

A personal coach or life coach can help you understand exactly what having a balanced life entails by providing you with a life management assessment. However, the first and most important thing to realize is that your definition of a balanced life will never be the same as anyone else’s definition of such a balanced life.

Another important factor to consider is that your life is forever in a state of constant flux. To think that, once all the pieces of your life achieve a balanced state that they will simply remain balanced, is setting yourself up for failure. Do not allow this to happen to yourself. A personal coach will be able to help keep you on track and remain focused on your priorities. Over time, your priorities will need to be adjusted and your coach will be your best adviser on how to re-prioritize your life.

The number one stress factor in every individual’s life is job related. A personal executive coach will ask you simple questions such as: How much do you love your job? Are you passionate about it, or do you only see your job as a paycheck? Are you in need of a less stressful job or a new position within your existing company? Perhaps you are not longer satisfied in your current job and need a career change in order to create a harmonious work and life balance. Your coach will be able to guide you in determining the answers to these questions and to help you figure out if a new career path is best for you at this time in your life.

Your personal success coach will help you be as flexible with your life as possible. Try not to worry over the small problems as worrying about them can escalate them into bigger ones down the road. Not everything in your life has major consequences, so do not sweat those things. It is much better if you focus your time and effort on the bigger issues in your life that have major impact on your future.

Something else that your personal coach can teach you is how to streamline your life. Endeavor to maintain an uncomplicated life as you possibly can and do not take on more responsibilities than you can handle. Your personal coach will be there to remind you that additional responsibilities will cause you more in stress. Another major advantage of having an executive life coach is learning how ‘say no’ to requests that do not directly benefit your work and life balance.

Learning how to maximize your time more strategically will assist you in enhancing the productivity. Your personal success coach will help you learn that every person in today’s world has the exact same amount of hours as everyone else does, but it is the most highly successful people who learn how to get the most out of those hours that they have. Learning how to delegate and multi-task is another important tip that your personal coach will teach you. This will help you to get more of the important things done so that you have more time to spend doing the things that you love to do.

Achieving life balance is not a one-person game. Life is a team game and you will need to make sure that you have members on your team that want to aid you in winning. This is where your executive life coach comes into play. Your coach will be there to pick up when you stumble and will help you in moving forward towards your goals again.

© Dr. Earl R. Smith II

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