Nov 092008

Dr. Earl R. Smith II

After many executive coaching engagements, I have come to realize that my efforts have not only changed the lives of my clients but also opened doors that have allowed them to rise to positions that they never thought that they would be able to reach. When I started coaching – after having started six of my own companies I decided to give back by helping others learn the lessons I had without the costs of fumbling through – I thought that I would mostly be teaching clients the business of business. It was only after several engagements that I came to realize that the benefits to my clients were personal as well as professional. Here are some of them:

Stress Relief: This was one of the most valuable unanticipated benefits. Executive coaching helps senior executives cope with high level of stress and helps them maintain a stable and productive relationship to their personal and professional lives. My coaching enabled them to learn about leadership styles, communication and emotional intelligence competencies. They became expert in taking strategic viewpoints about their careers and personal lives. They can create a future vision for their organization.

Moving Up: I realized that I was forming leaders through my coaching – changing approaches and helping to evolve visions that were new and strongly upwardly mobile. Executive coaching helps leaders learn how to gain valuable insights that are necessary for them to confidently rise to and master the next level. They master transitions quickly and easily in their personal and professional lives. The main aim of coaching goes beyond better results to get the most meaningful results. One metric of success is moving up.

Developing and Living New Visions: I came to realize that I was helping my clients develop and follow entirely new visions of themselves and their career. I was assisting senior managers to gain a clearer understanding of their own vision and thus help them become a better leader. They more easily assembled and managed a winning team and helped them accomplish their goals. My clients were able to envision and achieve their ambitions rather than simply reacting to their life. They identified their inner dreams and passions, talents and tastes and started a new journey to reach the highest level in management and in their personal lives.

Success as a Mission: My clients were evolving new and far more productive definitions of success. Research had already shown me that effective executive coaching was the key to success in the corporate world. For example, executives who aspired to leadership positions benefited from coaching. As a leadership coach, I represent a trusted person who dedicates his efforts to the success of my leadership-coaching clients. Since they can realize their potential with less effort, they are able to concentrate on what goals they really want to achieve. Because of the work we did, they were able to overcome their self-imposed obstacles that had prevented them from achieving success. My clients began to reach their goals sooner. They became more successful.

When I reflect on why my coaching has proven so valuable to my clients, I conclude that it is a combination of my experience and dedication to their success. Coaching is first and foremost a relationship between an experienced coach and a client who wants to accomplish a series of specific goals. As such, it needs to be tailored to meet my client’s needs and must provide real improvement in their abilities, professional skills, confidence and leadership skills. Because I had built six companies, I had the experience of actually facing and mastering the very challenges that my clients were facing. In other words, my knowledge came from actual experience rather than theoretical ruminating. I had been in and mastered most of the situations that my clients were facing.

Because I did not aspire to my client’s position – did not want their job – I was able to operate in a supportive and non-competitive way. Unlike most coaches who secretly seem to believe that they should be the CEO, I had no interest in such things. I had been there and done that. It was only after several engagements that I began to appreciate the value of that to my clients. They could relax and accept that I was non-judgmental and completely dedicated to their success.

In today’s busy world, executives must learn to deal with exceptional organizational change and complexity. The pressure on executives is often extreme. It is essential to be a proactive leader by developing the abilities and by developing the abilities of your team members. I found that my coaching was the most valuable to the busiest executives. I helped them improve their management skills and leadership competencies. As a result, they worked smarter as well as harder.

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© Dr. Earl R. Smith II

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