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Johnny Can Read and Why It Doesn’t Matter

Earl R Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) I came of age during what might be considered the flowering of the American educational system. The Lockean ideals dominated. The purpose of education was to help us learn how to think. Whether it was a civics class, English studies or science, our..

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Train, Shoot Self in Foot, Run Marathon

Earl R Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog Most behaviors are patterns – recurring tendencies – rather than one-off acts. People tend to do the same thing over and over even though it generates unsatisfactory results. They don’t seem to be able to take the most common sense advice. If hitting yourself..

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Anything is possible, but nothing is easy. Not any more!!

Earl R Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog It’s an old saying and it used to be true. As children, when we were asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, we responded with all sorts of possibilities. Some of us wanted to be firemen or policemen. Others..

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Waist deep in the big muddy

(Read More From My Blog) National Suicide Seems the Only Remaining Option. Or is it? It’s been a good run. Something over two centuries. But now, as the reality dawns on an increasing percentage of the population, the sad truth emerges. Let’s go back to the beginning. That amazing day of July 4, 1776. Assaulted..

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The New New World Order

Earl R. Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog There was a brief time that advocates of Oligarchy, as an alternative to democracy, thought that they could remake the world in their vision. They called that vision the ‘New World Order’. The idea was that the wealthy, and those they enlisted to..

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Partisanship – the Great American Swindle

Earl R Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog Those alive in the closing years of the second decade of the 21st century have a front row seat to the culmination of the largest and most effective swindle in human history. Not since the Middle Ages has the distribution of wealth and..

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A Self-Serving Understanding That Misses the Point

Earl R Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog The morning of the shooting at the Congressional baseball practice I arrived for a meeting in a building directly across the street from the ballpark. There was a massive police presence. The FBI teams were arriving. The press was mostly cordoned off to..

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Pure drivel tends to drive out ordinary drivel. Read More From My Blog Oh, for the good old days. When somebody said something that you found hard to believe, you looked them in the eye and asked about it. You gave them a chance to defend their position and, if you didn’t find that defense credible, you let them know. But..

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For every problem, there is a neat, plain solution

Earl R. Smith II, PhD and it is always wrong. Read More From My Blog The structure of simpleminded solutions is always the same. Massive amounts of reality are sheared away, complexity ignored, subtlety abhorred and the principal project of organizing the remaining facts to ratify prejudice is all that is left.

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