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Mentoring Notes – Excuses and Such

Many of my coaching engagements start out covering fairly rocky ground. This is partially due to the fact that, when people come to me for help, they are in some sort of distress. Another factor is their tendency to diagnose their challenges rather than prospecting for their future.

Crossing the Boundary – Surviving the Experience

Earl R Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog It’s seldom the dog that you love that bites you it’s almost always the one you can barely tolerate. Many companies fail for reasons that have little to do with their core product or service. It is often the afterthoughts or ‘under-thoughts’ that..

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A Leadership Mentor – Finding the Right One

Earl R Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) Leadership mentoring can make a huge difference in the career prospects of an up-and-coming executive. The delays and risks of learning by experience – by your mistakes and successes – can put you seriously behind your competitors. There is a sense of gambling..

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Mentoring – Learning the Difference

Earl R. Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) Over the years I have discovered that good mentors have had really good mentors. I’ve been lucky in that sense as life has brought me into contact with a number of them. I’ve also come to understand that good mentors are generally not..

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Don’t spend your life trying to live up to your performance expectations

Earl R. Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) In the early stages of mentoring – during those first crucial sessions – there are a number of ideas that I introduce. One of the most difficult to comprehend is a suggestion that a person should not spend their life trying to live..

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Life Mentoring – The Propose of a Compass

Earl R. Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s not the compass that finds your true north – you need to find the compass that points to your true north. Short of that, every other compass will send you in the wrong direction. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Life mentoring can bring some of..

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Battle at the Cottage Gate

Earl R. Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) This article describes a situation that occurs over and over during the growth of any company. It might seem that, once out of the cottage stage, companies are free of this syndrome but nothing could be further from the truth. The battle between..

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“Grant me the wisdom …”

That’s how the old saying starts off. The rest makes a distinction between ‘what I can’t and can change’. Wisdom, it is posited, is knowing the difference – accepting what can’t be changed and changing what can. Clear enough as it is but these is a wrinkle – an oversight – that most people routinely make – one that flies in the face of such ‘wisdom’. They focus almost exclusively on what can’t be changed.

Mentoring and Overcomeing A Non-Cumulative Life

One of the most common challenges that my coaching clients face is coming to terms with lost opportunities and broken connections. Many times the focus of our early conversations is on the number of years or decades that have been lived and the relatively meager accumulation of experience, lasting contacts and reputation that has resulted.

Ten Minutes That Will Change Your Life

Earl R Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog Sometimes mentoring is about teaching very simple techniques and helping a person turn them into habits. Its not that someone is unable to see what would be very productive or have the insight and energy to try a new way. Often it’s just..

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Mentoring Breakthroughs – Eureka Moments

Dr. Earl R. Smith II (Read More From My Blog) This series of articles will focus on ‘eureka moments’. Over the years I have had many. Most came with the help of mentors and coaches. Building teams and businesses can present many opportunities to stub your toe and learn great lessons from the..

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Mentiring Breakthrough – First Steps

Dr. Earl R. Smith II (Read More From My Blog) In this series I have been writing about some of the major breakthroughs that my mentoring clients have managed. While it is true that most of my mentoring work involves slow and steady efforts towards major successes, it’s those successes that make the..

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What Does a Mentor Do?

Dr. Earl R. Smith II (Read More From My Blog) It’s one of those questions that comes up regularly at networking events. People take turns introducing themselves and describing what they do for a living. And then it gets to be my turn. “I’m a mentor.”

Three Ways Not to Be a Great CEO

Dr. Earl R. Smith II (Read More From My Blog) The challenge of encouraging employees to do their best at work is a major part of many of my coaching engagements. Here are three ways that CEO’s routinely sabotage themselves and accomplish the opposite:

Clarity, Consistency and Reliability

I was discussing business relationships over drinks and cigars with a couple of long time friends and associates last evening. The discussion turned to the question of ‘what makes for a good business contact?’ In a relatively short time we agreed on three characteristics that were the ‘first screen’.

Your Foundation

Earl R Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) An old friend was fond of saying that most people begin at paragraph two. The point he was making was that the foundational assumptions of any argument tend to be taken as givens by the person advancing it and, as a result, they..

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The Price of Intemperance

Dr. Earl R. Smith II (Read More From My Blog) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Socrates observed that ‘a life unexamined is not worth living’. Nowhere is that more true than when we act against our own self-interests and suffer the consequences – pay the bills for our own rash actions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “It’s what you do without..

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Mentoring – Dissatisfaction, Vertigo, Determination, Euphoria, Resistance, Persistence = Progress

Earl R. Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog In one way, each of my mentoring efforts is different. Each individual brings different challenges, needs and capabilities. Each advances at their own particular pace. Some have sufficient resolve to continue until we achieve the breakthroughs that we are seeking. Others run out..

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Do You Envy?

Dr. Earl R. Smith II (Read More From My Blog) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How many times as it happens to you? Maybe you’re watching TV or listening to someone describe their life, and you hear something like: “I’ve known what I wanted to do with my life that I was four years old. It all..

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Floundering, Foundering Founders

Dr. Earl R. Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) Now, there’s a mouthful for you. Try saying it five times fast. This tin tin tabulation of a tongue twister is less a game piece than a door to understanding a fundamental lesson that many entrepreneurs completely skip over – at the..

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Making the Possible Probable – A Mentoring Case Study

Earl R. Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When you awake each morning, the day presents you with literally thousands of possibilities. Human existence is chocked full of possibilities. But the important questions is, what is probable? And the more important question is, how can you make the right possible..

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