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Don’t waste your life living out other people’s visions of you

Earl R. Smith II. PhD (Read More From My Blog) Like most such observations, the title of this chapter is subject to misunderstanding. I suppose it is inevitable that some readers might take the easy way out and prefer the simpler interpretation. But I’m not writing for those people. The idea in this..

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Situational Awareness

Dr. Earl R. Smith II (Read More From My Blog) It’s such a simple idea – knowing what is going on around you. So why are people often so bad at it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I sometimes call it situational awareness – particularly when I am trying to teach somebody about what they have missed..

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Zen and Ambiguity

Earl R. Smith II. PhD (Read More From My Blog) It’s a kind of clash of cultures; particularly amongst the educated in the West. The echoes of Descartes, Kant, Newton, the Socratics and generations of fellow travelers have embedded the idea that rationality is a salvation of the human race. When Westerners first..

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Making a Difference

I always take a few minutes at the end of each day to journal. I have found this time is always well spent. First I re-read the entries from the prior week or so – it helps keep things in perspective – to connect with what some Native Americans call the ‘long view’.

Breaking Out of a Rut

Those of you who fish will understand. For those of you who don’t, a fishing reel pulls in line when you rotate the handle. Without that action, it is just a curiosity on your end of the fishing pole. To help it to fulfill its purpose, you need to take extended and purposeful action.

Walking Together Alone – Searching For the Self

Earl R. Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) There is an important difference between Coaching and Mentoring. Coaching tends to deal with the finishing details while mentoring focuses on foundational questions. I value the work done by Coaches and have done a considerable amount of it myself but, over the years,..

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Presence in the Present

Take a minute and think about the present – your present – the time right now that you are living through. It is a most amazing experience – this ‘present’ that is yours and yours alone. It’s not the ‘world’s present’ or ‘humanities’ present’ but yours alone. No other person will ever have the privilege of living through it. It is truly and uniquely yours alone.

The Consultant’s Disease

Earl R. Smith II. PhD (Read More From My Blog) I get approached by consultants who want to expand their business. They have been profitably (most often) supporting a small staff for some years. But the ‘bigger’ bug has been whispering in the principal’s ear for some time.

Giving Yourself Permission

This might seem like a strange idea at first – giving yourself permission – but, once you think about it some, you will realize that it really gets to the core of how you live – and decide to live – your life. Begin with this simple idea – you are the gatekeeper of your own possibilities – you determine what is possible for you.

Shall you live authentically who you are meant to be – the beginning

Earl R. Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog Shall you live authentically who you are meant to be or will you spend your allotted time living the life of someone you imagine yourself to be? No matter what the specific reasons are that brings a person to me seeking mentoring, the..

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“You can observe a lot just by watching.” Yogi Berra

  Earl R. Smith II. PhD (Read More From My Blog) There is a saying in Buddhism, “Life is simple, we make it complicated.” I am always amused when I meet a person who claims to be a “people watcher” who has never experienced that fundamental reality. Lives are spent making it complicated. In..

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Adults in Wonderland

There is no freedom like being able to say what you truly mean – not what others want you appear to mean – nor what you might say in the throws of an adolescent tantrum – but to clearly say in a measured fashion exactly what you mean. Here’s the rabbit hole – down we go.

Climbing a Ladder That Leads to a Hole in the Ground

Earl R Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog There is a sea change going on among millennials and the rest of us should pay close attention to it.

A Question of Identity

According to many modernist social theorists, questions of identity center on an ‘authentic knowledge’ of the ‘self’ and of the shelves of others. It was generally accepted that there was a unique core within each person which formed the very foundation of who they ‘were’. According to these theories, most of that foundation was laid down during the early or ‘formative’ years.

In Opposition To …

Earl R Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) It is a strange thing, this life that many choose to live. A combination of grasping and self-delusion brings about a strange relationship – a kind of disassociation – from the truly glorious experience of being alive.

The One True Thing

Earl R. Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) What is the one thing in your life that is that certain? It has a reality and significance unlike anything else. Your thoughts, memories and aspirations are manufactured realities. The one thing that is certain is that you are alive in the moment..

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