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The Passion Quest – Finding Your Center

Earl R Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) Finding your path starts with finding your center. The hard truth is that most other people are of little help on that inward journey of discovery. You have to do the heavy lifting yourself before you can finally meet the person you really..

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What’s In It For Me?

This is a retelling of a post-modernist nightmare – a journey into the void of virtual relationships that never become real. It is a story about lost possibilities sacrificed upon the shrines of inattention, self-absorption and indifference. The interspersed poem is by Antonio Machado – The Wind, One Brilliant Day.

It’s the Experience

Earl R. Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is a tendency, particularly with those who are new to Zen practice, to over intellectualize. This tendency can show up in a number of ways. On the one hand, they can immerse themselves in dusty old texts and surround themselves with..

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Leadership – The Fire of the Mind

‘Give a man a match and he will be warm for a day, set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.’

An ounce of application is worth a ton of abstraction.

Earl R. Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) My Mentoring work brings me in to contact with one of the major impacts of the information age, social media and rise of virtual reality. That impact is the the prioritization of imagining doing over actually doing.

Asking to Listen

Curiosity is an amazing trait. In fact, I admit to being intensely curious about curiosity. But then those of you who have read much of my writings will know that I am curious about almost everything.

The Treasure of This Moment

Earl R Smith II, PhD (Read More From My Blog) You are busy. There is so much happening around you. People, events – the general coming and going that makes up your day. All of these keep you distracted – sociologists and psychologists would describe you as engaged and involved. Your mind is..

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Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.

Earl R. Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog One of the true joys of long-standing friendships is that political correctness and faux conversations become unnecessary. For me, such friendships are central parts of the true joy of life. In the dreary landscape of grayness – of acquaintances – a virtual friends..

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Knowing What Matters

Dr. Earl R. Smith II (Read More From My Blog) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was during one of the first mentoring sessions with a new client that the following exchange occurred:

Finding a Mirror – Realizing

Earl R Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We look in them every day – and use them as metaphors for achieving deeper self-knowledge. Every person we meet is one and what they show us can be far more valuable than any highly polished surface. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I won’t sugarcoat it..

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Days Within Days

I often think about the day that has just passed – in the evening as I sit in the quiet and remember things recently past. It is during those times that I come closest to understanding what it means to live in time – a time that keep on passing with or without my permission. We all have this experience because we can’t avoid it. Life itself is the experience of passing days – and months – and years.

I am I and will be till I die? Not!

Earl R. Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog The practice of Zen brings a challenge to the literate. The farther one moves along the path from ‘right now right here’ to ‘right now right here’ the more language comes to be desperately inadequate. The difference between experience and verbal description widens..

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The Fabric of Friendship

Earl R Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog The other day I was leading a discussion focused on the ways that the digital revolution was impacting relationships. The group of eighteen were evenly divided between those under thirty and those over – with two in the latter group over sixty. About..

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Don’t waste your life being envious of other people

Earl R. Smith II. PhD (Read More From My Blog) If you’ve been following me so far, it will not surprise you that I see the title of this chapter as something much more complex than it appears on the surface. The core question is, of course, who’s doing what to whom. The..

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Less Substantial Friendships

Dr. Earl R. Smith II (Read More From My Blog) I was recently watching one of those Sunday Morning programs. You know, the kind that always has a soft-squishy piece as part of its presentation. This time that piece was focused on people and their pets. The ‘reporter’ interviewed a series of people..

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Wondering Why?

Earl R. Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Many of my mentoring engagements begin with a focus on the kinds of questions that a person has been asking themselves. It may seem strange at first to suggest that it is the questions rather than the answers which are important; but that..

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Seeking the Upward Path

The recent TV series Stargate SG1 popularized the idea that it was possible to ‘ascend’ by finding and keeping to this ‘path’. Most of this – including the TV series – is popularized and remanufactured bits of Buddhism.

Leaving the Rut Means Growing Your Life

Earl R. Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mentoring is about change. Most of the time a person comes to me after some years of rising dissatisfaction with the course their life has been taking. Ad some point, the dissatisfaction has given way to determination. Often there follows a time..

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Sex is hereditary. If your parents never had it, chances are you won’t either.

Earl R Smith II, PhD Read More From My Blog You know, there is something to that. But there is also something beyond that. A fundamental insight into the experience of being alive. Every living thing that has existed or will exist shares in a basic experience – that of continuance. All have..

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