Oct 102008

Dr. Earl R. Smith II

If you are seriously thinking about changing careers then you should also seriously consider hiring a Personal Coach. Most individuals at some point in their life feel dissatisfied with their career and its direction. Either they have lost their passion for the work or they never really felt passionate about it to begin with. A Personal Coach can be of assistance to them in both instances.

After choosing a Personal Coach and completing a face-to-face discovery session, you and the Personal Coach work out a ‘game plan’. Once you have both agreed on the terms, conditions and goals set out by the coaching plan, its time to begin the journey. The road may be long or short. The length and time commitment to a coaching program is determined by many factors. The entire contract can span over a year with mini-sessions taking place every week or every month. Each session usually ends with an action for you to take or an inquiry to be answered.

The most important technique that a personal coach can teach you is how to balance effectively your work and personal life. A few other items that a personal coach can assist you with are:

  • Finding vision: What would life be like if it was perfect for you?
  • Looking at values and priorities: Do your priorities match your behavior?
  • Letting go of the guilt: You have to believe that you deserve balance and that you are worthy of this process.
  • Taking action: Are you prepared to say “no”, practice what you want, de-clutter your life and let go of what is not important?
  • Being nice to oneself: Sometimes you need to delegate more at work and ask for more help at home from family

Personal Executive Coaching focuses on your workplace and career. Companies increasingly offer coaching services to their key employees. Their bosses or human resource management has referred many of my coaching clients to me. As your coach, I can show you how to run a meeting better and how to speak more concisely. I have an extensive arsenal of tools, such as management assessment tools and leadership development tools that I can use to help you decide where you’re true passion lies.

Once you and I have discussed the results of these discovery tools, we agree on an action plan. Next, we implement that plan and monitor your progress. Once underway, you will begin to see progress within three to four weeks. These changes are usually quite permanent and result in renewed passion.

Along with helping people at the top of the corporate ladder, I also assist those Executives who are being groomed for their next big transition, such as assisting with leadership transition, getting information from a retiring CEO and passing it on to the incoming CEO. Executive coaching has the possibility to really shorten the learning curve in such a situation.

However, it is vitally important that individuals actually do what matters to them most. They need to follow their dreams. If they do not, then everything around them usually suffers: their working partnerships within the workplace; their domestic relationships; they may even start to also suffer from depression and anxiety. Do not let this happen to you. If you a ready to reaffirm your passion in life and you are ready to be doing more than just getting by and just making a living, then the time has come to contact me and together we will discover a new future for you.

© Dr. Earl R. Smith II


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