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I believe that a life is defined by the things that you do that benefit others – particularly strangers who you will never meet. I am asking for your support of a project which is very important to me. I have organized a charity fishing tournament in my brother’s name. Tom’s Team is an annual charity fishing tournament which raises money in support of cancer research. The proceeds go to the Moores Center at the University of California San Diego. The tournament is sponsored by Fishing Cures, a 501(c)3 nonprofit company .

I have donated $15,000.00 to support a team in the tournament – The Giggling Marlins.

Please join me in supporting this important cause. You can contribute in two ways:

Make A Pledge in support of The Giggling Marlins. . You can pick the level of support and set a limit on your contribution

You can also Donate. Pick your level of support and make a donation in the memory of someone who was close to you.

When you donate or make a pledge, your name will be added to our Donors and Supporters page and you will receive a certificate of appreciation. Additionally, we’ll send you regular email updates during the tournament and a set of digital photos afterwards.

Either way you contribute, you will be helping us make a difference in the lives of people suffering from a terrible disease.

I’m asking for your support. 100% of the net proceeds will go to the Moores Center. This is your chance to help those who desperately need it. Please pledge join me and add your support for this worthy cause.

Blessings and grateful thanks,

Earl R Smith II, PhD


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