Nov 302008

Dr. Earl R. Smith II

There are times in life when you stop and think. You take stock and try to get your bearings. You may think that have been doing your best and giving 100% to your job or business or personal relationships, but things do not seem to be working. You are not getting the results you expected. When this happens to you, it is a good idea not to go it alone. This is the time to look for a life coach.

A life coach is just that – a coach. He can help you find a new path and guide you along the way. He will help you see where what you are doing is self-sabotaging. He will teach you how to be successful in your life. A life coach helps you become a better human being.

A life coach can be your guiding light through the dark times. He helps you realize your true potential. He does not do the work for you but helps you work for the goals you have set up for yourself.

Working with a life coach, you start doing things with more enthusiasm. A coach will make sure that you do not lose the focus and motivation necessary to complete what you have started. A good life coach will not allow you excuses for not living with focus and enthusiasm! He is a mirror for you.

If you want to see personal growth, you can benefit from hiring a life coach. We all have unique qualities in us. Many times, we are not even aware of them. A life coach can help you identify those qualities and show you how to incorporate them into our daily life.

A life coach can also be critical to your professional success. Training and development has become an integral part of the corporate world. A life coach can help you develop the skills that are necessary for our personal and professional growth. Perhaps you have a very stressful job. You have to meet deadlines everyday. You have a family to look after and a child who needs your attention. These things can seem like an insurmountable challenge. A life coach can help you see them as manageable and help you manage them.

Perhaps you find that you cannot meet deadlines. You work late in the office and by the time you get home, your children are asleep. You feel bad about missing their growing up years. Your relationships are suffering because you do not seem to have the time for them. All this exhausts you and you really do not know what to do. The first thing to realize is that you are not alone. Most of us have the same challenges. The second thing to realize is that you can get help – and getting help is the best way to make things better. A life coach can help you to deal with these challenges.

He can help you to manage your day more efficiently. If you are spending time on trivial matters and not focusing on the job at hand, he will help you realize that. Once you know where you are going wrong you can always take preventive measures. Accepting the reality of who you are and how you are is a necessary step along the way to improving who and how you are.

It is important to work with your coach to identify the areas in which you want to see improvement. If you want to develop personal leadership qualities, for example, to help you achieve your goals in life, a coach will be able to help you. At times just talking to somebody else makes you realize what is bothering you. A personal coach is that ‘somebody else’. He does not judge you. He does not criticize you. He just makes sure that you remain focused on the task.

You keep working towards your goals in life. When things start to fall in place you will find that you can do all the things you wanted to and have some time for your family as well. This makes you feel better. At the end of the day, you are a happier and more confident person that you always wanted to be!

© Dr. Earl R. Smith II


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