Nov 212014

Dr. Earl R. Smith II

In order to be a truly effective executive in today’s competitive corporate world, you need to be able to motivate your staff in such a way as to ensure positive results repeatedly. Even though a company may have provided an executive with a ‘training manual’ that includes suggestions from the company’s advisory board on how to motivate staff members, these suggestions are often outdated and not effective at all. This, unfortunately, can leave the executive feeling discouraged because his staff is not motivated enough and he feels that it is his entire fault.

Enter the Executive Leadership Coach! No executive in his right mind should be without one. A Coach will be able to teach an executive very simple but effective ways in which to manage the motivation of his staff members. Here are a few tips that you may find helpful:

1. Decide which of your staff members’ have the utmost potential and then train, coach, develop and manage them well

2. Bestow upon those staff members plenty of recognition that will encourage them to maintain their motivation

3. Make certain that there is a viable correlation between what those selected staff members believe in and what the organization believes in

Of these three tips, the third point is the most important when it comes to motivating staff members of all levels within a company’s organizational structure. Research has indicated that:

  • Many individuals decide to join a company with the role and reputation of that company in mind
  • In many cases, individuals leave their positions within a business because of inadequate management and leadership styles, rather than for a better job or for more money
  • People remain with a company, assuming management and leadership are satisfactory, because they share the same values as those they work with and with those of the company itself

As a leader, you will benefit from the support of an Executive Leadership Coach. Your coach will help you make sure that you have a close match in values between your company and staff members. A Coach can able assist you in determining exactly which values are shared between your staff members and your company, by instigating a few team discussions with your staff members around the “Ideal World” concept. In this type of discussion, the following question should be encouraged:

If you had the chance to work and participate in an ideal organization, what would it function like? What would people in this ideal situation do?

The results of the ensuing discussion will give you a very good measure of the values that your staff members have in relation to the workplace. A good Executive Leadership Coach will then be able to show you how to re-evaluate organizational goals to fit in with your staff member’s vision. Constantly reevaluating your company’s policies and procedures is important because those policies and procedures might actually be responsible for de-motivating your employees.

On a final note, are you motivated? Before you go attempt to assess the levels of motivation that your employee’s actually possess, you should first assess your own level of motivation towards the company that you work for. As an executive within your company, your level of motivation can seriously influence the motivational levels of those staff member’s who work around you. Bear in mind that your employees will always try to reflect your own attitude. So try to invest in your employees more by obtaining executive coaching services. Hiring an Executive Coach to assist you in motivating your employees (and yourself if need be) is the perfect way to create a most successful company in which all employees thoroughly enjoy going to work each day.

© Dr. Earl R. Smith II

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