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Dr. Earl R. Smith II

Corporate coaching is a key to success for any organization that needs to work in the corporate environment flawlessly. Research clearly shows that training can result in a 22% improvement in managerial productivity while corporate coaching along with training can improve the productivity level to 88%. The relationship between boss and subordinate is very important for the success of any business. A boss who has the ability to communicate with subordinates effectively about the developmental requirements can achieve desired results quickly. A corporate coach offers great service and support in this regard.

As a corporate coach, I help my client make the corporate vision, objectives, plans and actions clear to their team. I offer guidance and assistance in removing obstacles and providing resources. My coaching supports team members effectively by enabling them to understand and work with commitment towards their allotted job.

A primary aim of my approach to corporate coaching is to align the goals and expectations of team members with that of the organization. As a coach, I promote feedback and idea sharing from the members. This helps to develop people through guidance and a coaching program that involves meaningful work. I help to provide career satisfaction and personal fulfillment for the employees. This approach aids the corporation in creating a positive community among the employees so that the business can get a potential payoff.

I use a wide range of approaches to coaching, including the one-on-one coaching, organizational coaching and leadership. One-on-one develops personal relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Coaching focuses more on the growth and development of the employee. It helps my client effectively tackle both personal and corporate issues.

As a corporate coach, I also work with the organization and its employees to whom I provide coaching services. I understand the objectives of the organization and the individuals. After years of experience, I have realized that I need to have the courage to point out the facts to the organization and the team members. My coaching is far more effective when I do. Moreover, having started six successful companies and worked with several dozen senior clients, I have the experience and judgment to do so. I provide compassionate and creative coaching that suits the business environment and helps to build a top quality performing team and to create a unique leadership style.

I am a coach who gives one-on-one coaching based on some essential skills like listening, questioning, clarifying, responding instantly and so on. I understand the corporate atmosphere perfectly – I have built a number of them. I know well the challenges, needs and objectives of the corporations.

In my organizational coaching engagements, the client is generally the corporation. In these situations, I bring the skills and qualifications desired by the organization. I provide intensive training programs to employees. As an organizational coach, I have the ability to recognize whether the employees receiving training are capable of understanding it accurately and have enough skills to implement the strategies effectively. I can help senior management develop a holistic strategic plan for development of the team and evolution of the corporate culture.

My success as an organizational coach depends on my capability to identify and overcome gaps and challenges in the corporate operations. My experience as a six-time CEO and coach to numerous CEOs helps guide my work. I offer coaching programs that are tailored to meet the unique needs of the client organization. I help to create motivating learning environments. My coaching session evoke the best among all employees.

My corporate coaching provides long-term support to the organization and individual team members. I can, and have, helped to improve significantly the organization as a whole and the performance of key executives. I facilitate self-awareness and self-confidence among the team members.

Corporate coaching within a company enables large number of supervisors, managers and leaders to enjoy the advantages of coaching. Organizations that incorporate this type of coaching can see improvements immediately in key areas like internal and external communications, attitude of team members, productivity and so on. My coaching brings results. If you are interested in learning more, send me an e-mail and we will arrange a time to talk.

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