Nov 132008

Dr. Earl R. Smith II

Many of my coaching engagements begin with a focus on a senior executive and gradually expand to focus on the organization. In one particular case, I worked with most of the senior team before we began to shift our attention to the challenge of expanding the corporate team. Recently I realized that we had been a bit ahead of the curve – the rest of the coaching world was catching on to the benefits of laying a solid foundation prior to redesigning and refurbishing the building.

A growing trend in both the small business and the commercial world has been an increased focus on corporate team building. Coaching engagements focus on improving the interpersonal relationships of employees and management. Significant improvements in company morale, teamwork, trust as well as other key areas of personal growth are primary objectives.

I have designed and implemented a number of programs of this nature. The results have been uniformly and substantially positive and cost effective. There are common elements in the plans. We set aside a couple days to a week per year to allow employees to work with coaches. The same gathering also provides structure – meetings and events – which facilitate the development of solid working relationships. We often see substantial results immediately after the first of these sessions. They allow for the development of collective experiences outside of the working environment. Employees carry back with them into the workplace. This builds relationships founded on trust and common experiences. The results are teamwork that is more effective and more cohesive. They learn how to trust and encourage one another. A skilled coach can erase idleness in the workforce and clear other areas that are hindering the growth and success of the corporation.

In addition to these ‘all hands’ retreats, we organize a series of ‘on site’ sessions for employees. These range from one-on-one sessions to focus groups and support groups. The result is more employee involvement – higher levels of loyalty – lower turnover – and a more energetic and committed workforce. Management that worried early on about the amount of time taken off-line by these programs quickly changed their tune when the improvements in productivity started to show up.

If you want to know more about my team building services, send me an e-mail and we will arrange a time to talk.

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