Oct 142008

Dr. Earl R. Smith II

Many of my leadership coaching engagement begin when a potential client comes to me with serious concerns about how they are experiencing life and what that experience is doing to their career. They remember how it used to be – the excitement and drive – the energy and interactions – and want to get back to that place. They also want to grow as a leader. I ask them a few simple questions.

  • Do you feel as though you have lost your leadership capabilities within your company?
  • Has your ‘career’ now turned into a ‘job’?
  • Do you just simply feel that you are in a rut?

According to a study conducted by the authors of “Beware the Busy Manager” (Harvard Business Review, February 2002) , Heike Bruch and Sumantra Ghoshal, 90% of all executives are living a less than purposeful existence, either in a state of disengagement, distraction or procrastination. What state you find yourself in, say the authors, depends on two obvious factors: focus and energy. If you feel that the focus and energy that you once seek out and engage an executive coaching.

As your Executive Leadership Coach, I will conduct a leadership assessment with you to determine your leadership style. Once completed, you and I will develop a plan to reignite your passion and promote further personal growth. Due to the current stage of the economy now is the perfect time to renew your focus and energy and regain your purposeful footing within your company. Here are five steps that I suggest we can take to regain your focus at work:

1. Create more time for yourself: One of the most common attributes of successful executives is that they actually schedule time on their calendars to think and reflect. I can help you reestablish the balance by doing calendar analysis and team them proper time management.

2. Feedback: Unbiased feedback will motivate and sharpen your focus as well as increase your commitment on the issues and opportunities. As your leadership coach, I will provide this feedback on a regular basis.

3. Be a Pack Leader: During our sessions, we will discuss options like taking the lead in forming teams around specific projects. Contrary to popular belief, leaders do not have all the answers. Creating a team amongst your staff will help define goals and strategies, priorities and tactics; it will also help to strengthen commitment, increase your leadership influence and energize everyone involved.

4. Be Expressive: Many of my leadership-coaching clients had lost the ability to be expansive and expressive. Their response to the ‘closing in’ of their business life was to close in themselves. It will be easier for you in the end, if you incorporate some of your personal passions into your career. It is easier to maintain your focus and energy if your career aptly expresses whom you are rather than what you do. In our coaching engagement, we will concentrate on stoking those fires.

5. Create a Safety Net: If the possibility of losing your job concerns you, then you need to create a safety net that gives you the freedom to define your leadership focus and approach. Being able to have money set aside in your bank account will give you the courage to take risks, make hard decisions and negotiate effectively, because you know that if worst comes to worse, you’ll be financially fine. As your coach, I will help you plan for these challenges – plan for and overcome them.

These steps outline a simple executive leadership renewal process. If these steps appear daunting to you or if you fail to understand the potential benefits that you could reap from them, then it is high time that you contact an Executive Leadership Coach who can assist you with your own personal leadership development plan. I have helped many clients follow this path – it works and the impact on your career and life can be massive. You just need to decide that the present is not what you want it to be and gather the courage and determination to change it. By doing so you will no longer be a ‘missing-in-action’ Executive: present in body but not in mind and spirit. You will be a strong and passionate Executive Leader within your corporate company.

Remember – real change requires real change!

© Dr. Earl R. Smith II



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