Nov 292014

Dr. Earl R. Smith II

Remaining imaginative focused and motivated is the key to top performance within the corporate world. The continuing leadership development of any executive’s potential is critical to a successful business. Most businesses today realize that nothing is more critical to success than cultivating those attributes in their team members. I have worked with a wide range of companies that have instituted executive and leadership coaching programs for precisely that reason.

Within today’s competitive and multifaceted corporate business world, executive coaching is one of the best ways to develop peak performance in top executives. Executive coaching supports more than just personnel who are part of senior management. More and more corporate companies are turning to executive coaching to complement the overall development of their employees – particularly their rising stars and future leaders. Offering this kind of support helps develop conventional skill-based training as well as a focus on individual employee issues that increase performance.

Corporate coaching is about re-defining the workplace perspective from one where employees receive direction from others to one where employees commit to doing things that they care about passionately. Coaching encourages the leadership development of executives as well as responsibility throughout the company itself. Executive Business Coaching is a joint process centered on the developmental of each individual employee. It involves a partnership of mutual respect and understanding. It requires constructive verbal communication and endorses rather than devalue employee skills and abilities. It assists employees to focus on possibilities and to eliminate their limitations. It helps employees to overcome obstacles to their success, including their own attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. However, the most important aspect of Executive Coaching is that it provides a model for giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Utilizing executive coaching as a way to develop and support a productive and professional management style affects corporate culture in a variety of ways. In most situations, old directive styles of management give way to a more coaching and commitment based culture. Hierarchy is replaced by support, blame is replaced by honest evaluation, external motivators are replaced by self-motivation, protective barriers are replaced as employee teams are built, change is no longer feared but welcomed and satisfying the CEO and/or Chairman of the Board of Directors now becomes simply pleasing the customer. Without a doubt, coaching as a management style focuses on the future, on what is possible, by encouraging multi-level decision-making and evolutionary knowledge

Coaching helps to evolve a company culture that is defined by commitment and one in which creativity and innovations are both highly encouraged. Management supports, informs and influences – this results in employee performance assessment against shared common goals with strong personal commitment by the company’s employees. The newly founded company culture encourages greater flexibility and adaptability to change, which is a key corporate attribute in today’s environment.

The benefits of corporate coaching are apparent in all areas of the corporate business. Executive Coaches use everyday verbal communication that every company employee on every level understands. Executive Coaching places a strong emphasis on the unique aptitudes of employees to make the most of their own performances and placing focus on future possibilities. As such, coaching promotes entrepreneurial thinking, develops flexibility and gains commitment to individual development. All this contributes towards building a common platform for organizational evolution and a strong corporate culture.

As a result of using executive coaching services, peak performances of employees will be accelerated and enhanced, by raising self-awareness, promoting leadership development and self-confidence, increasing motivation which then leads to improved staff retention. Adding the services of an Executive Corporate Coach to any company’s advisory board will not only be a real asset to the company, but will also improve overall business performance of all members of staff within the company.


© Dr Earl R Smith II

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