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Dr. Earl R. Smith II

My executive business coaching helps my clients develop a competitive advantage within the corporate business world. Most companies that do decide on executive business coaching already have very high revenues. In my experience, many established business have realized that investment in coaching is a high-return process that increases their company’s productivity, management efficiency, as well as revenue. My coaching can be particularly effective in business when management is planning to expand, achieve yearly objectives, or deal with necessary everyday concerns.

Businesses that are growing at a very rapid rate are ideal candidates for intensive executive business coaching, since fast growing businesses need to recruit new employees. Often this pressure can create a multitude of problems related to workforce management, resource allocation, and delegation of authority and responsibility. These challenges can seriously start to affect productivity and profits along with the competitive advantage that the business had in the first place. CEO’s of these swiftly emerging businesses have little time to manage such everyday problems. Most of their time goes into actually planning and managing their business’s expansion plans. As a leadership or executive coach, I help them prioritize their objectives and allocate time and resources to each element of productivity in proportion to their relative contribution.

A business has gone through tough times and is only now trying to turn around its fortunes, it can benefit from my executive coaching services. I have extensive experience with turnaround situations. As an executive coach, I help these companies in picking up the pieces and rebuild into a stronger corporate presence. By helping to identifying mistakes made in the past, breaking free from ineffective management practices, and creating positive new ones, I help set companies on the upward path to recovery and profitability.

My coaching works for businesses that want to benefit from a fresh point of view. My own experience – having started six companies and helped expand many more – provides that fresh point of view. Mu coaching offers an unbiased opinion about the business, and delivers advice without any ulterior motives or hidden agendas. As a business coach, I play an advisory role and therefore do not directly affect the decisions of the management.

The length of my business coaching engagements depends on how much time the company’s management is willing to commit to working with me. I have a minimum requirement but often the intensity of the need and/or the immediacy of the crisis drive the intensity and duration of the engagement. Also, the focus of the engagement, in part, determines its duration. If the intention is to learn about improving on goal setting skills or creating marketing plans, then a coaching session of approximately four to eight months normal. However, if the purpose is to receive leadership advice on a regular basis, then executive business coaching can be continuous for a few months or a few years even. It depends on the goals and the manner in which an executive prefers to work with their coach.

If the business has identified long-term goals over a period of several years, then it is imperative to continue with the executive business coaching. My approach to coaching both enables and ensures that the company will stay on track until those goals are achieved. By making an investment in business coaching, businesses will have, and will continue to receive, motivation, training, guidance, and mentoring that will insure both growth and increased profitability. The investment in business coaching is relatively small considering the return on invest achieved through the business coaching relationship.

I am a ‘high-impact coach’. Years of experience have refined my judgment and now allow me to work at a pace that is daunting to others. I get things done fast and effectively. If you are determined to take your performance to the next level – to take your company to the next level – send me an e-mail and we will arrange a time to talk.

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