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Dr. Earl R. Smith II

The first objective of leadership assessment is to discover the leadership qualities in you. A good assessment program will focus on qualities such as integrity, inspiration, enthusiasm, perseverance, judgment, collaboration, team building, courage, problem solving and self-renewal. A leadership assessment is helpful in discovering leadership characteristics hidden in you and for developing an action plan for bringing them out. Leadership development enables you to meet the challenges of the highly competitive business world and to significantly improve your career prospects.

Good leadership coaching is high impact support. As a leadership coach, I help clients understand the different kinds of leadership that are effective. They gain a better understanding on how they respond to leadership opportunities. I help them design a leadership development program that will improve their skills and effectiveness as a leader. They obtain valuable and actionable information about various leadership styles, competencies and behaviors.

I often combine leadership assessment with management assessment. It helps my clients evaluate their tangible skill sets like strategic thinking and communications skills within the context of their leadership style. Before selecting a particular leadership assessment process, they answer questions such as ‘do I need to determine leadership styles, do I need to access leadership competencies, is it really worthwhile accessing strengths and weaknesses and so on’.

Leadership is a multiple dimension concept. It includes communication, relationships, decision-making strategies, personal and professional development, learning, responsibility, self-appraisal and shared vision. Leadership assessment helps my clients determine whether they are capable of mastering these and helps them become a more proactive leader.

Leadership assessment surveys provide leadership effectiveness information and insight into the management. My clients become aware of how they are perceived. They learn improve and how to make use of that perception. They can make use of this knowledge to strengthen their leadership effectiveness.

In today’s environment, any manager with ambitions for the future works hard to be effective. The business world brings many changes and new challenges. An approach that has proven successful in the past may not be effective for the future. A manager can be a successful and effective leader only if he has mastered skills like innovation, creativity and passion. Leadership assessment helps my clients to pinpoint leadership deficiencies and take steps to eliminate them. They spend time identifying challenges and take steps to overcome them – and, in the process, become a more effective and efficient leader.

Leadership assessment based on a client’s potential assists them in determining whether they are actually going to be a leader. This is one of the toughest parts of the assessment process. Sometimes it is just not in the cards. However, learning that early on can make a big difference in the life experience. Self- knowledge is better than self-delusion.

However, if you are cut out to be a leader, it is very likely that your leadership skills are still in need of development. My approach to leadership assessment can show you where you need to do some work and help you develop an action plan. By developing and enhancing the necessary skills and you will be on your way to becoming a more successful leader. I can also assist in discovering your vision and in communicating effectively to your team members in order to get maximum productivity.

As a leadership coach, I always conduct an initial survey that helps you to recognize and appreciate your own talents. I help my clients identify hidden passions and potential. By discovering and cultivating these qualities, you can become a much better and effective leader. You will now know exactly what you want to do and this will enable you to accomplish tasks easily and quickly. You will also have developed the skills and understanding to allow you to accomplish them.

My own approach to leadership coaching in intensive and has been highly productive. Many clients have realized significant improvements in their career prospects. If you want to learn more about my leadership coaching, send me an e-mail and we will arrange a time to talk.

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