I combine insight based on years of experience with life changing mentoring. I am an acknowledged thought leader; an agent of change.

HeaderGuiding Principles

Life is simple, we make it complicated

The most potent knowledge that any person can have – the knowledge that opens the door to empowerment and a fulfilling life – is self-knowledge. The most valuable self-knowledge is about how we make our lives more difficult. Every person is fine just the way they are. But most people don’t know that – and, if fact, don’t know themselves nearly as well as they think.

The foundation of a happy and productive life is the discovery of a small number of fundamental truths

I help people break the cycle of self-sabotaging. I guide them on a journey inward. And, during that journey, they discover the person they really are.  A weight lifts, the fog clears, energy returns and the path lays out before them – the path to the life they were meant to live.

Living In The PresentWhere I’ve had an impact

I have mentored CEOs, entrepreneurs and sucessful executives, guided major changes in life directions. I mentor those who have both the courage and determination to make a truly transformational journey. My approach is heavily influenced by core principles of Zen Buddhism. I do not offer quick fixes or follow the latest fads. If you are willing to make the long journey – if it’s time for you to come to know the person you really are and can become – if you intend to finally find the path you should be following – if you want to start living life you were truly meant to live – then perhaps we should talk.


After making my own journey, I began to help others travel the same road. For me, the rewards are bountiful. I see strangers, who have now become friends, overcoming challenges that they never dreamed could be mastered – living lives that they only hoped would be possible. Getting to live an authentic life – having a second chance to reinvent themselves and soar. Based on years of mentoring hundreds of people – helping them overcome some of life’s most daunting challenges, I have developed an approach that is truly life-changing. Questions of personal growth and empowerment come down to a handful of life questions that most either overlook or take for granted.

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