I provide mentoring to selected senior executives and rising stars.

Mentoring is about giving back. It involves one who has made a journey that another is wanting to make. When based on mutual trust and committment, mentoring can be the single most important factor in a rising star’s success.

In today’s society, mentors are harder to find. Executives find themselves isolated – cut off from the accumulated experience, connections and wisdom that a good mentor can bring.

Mentoring involves one person helping another to achieve something that is important. A good mentor provides support in a non-threatening way. Productive mentoring produces an environment in which one person can feel encouraged to discuss their needs and circumstances openly and in confidence with another.

The Program: My innovative coaching programs involve six months of unlimited access to me by e-mail, phone, fax, regular mail, etc. (There is also a special intensive version explained below.) We can meet in person, as well, if convenient for both of us.

How It Works: We begin with your current situation, expectations, and fundamental value propositions. We establish mentoring goals. we also agree on performance metrics, goals and objectives. Some people call me daily, some weekly, some monthly. Some visit, others don’t. The frequency and style are up to you. I return all phone calls within two hour when possible, and all written correspondence within 24 hours.

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