Oct 242008

Dr. Earl R. Smith II

To manage change in your own life experience is personal leadership. A wishful thought or burning desire to make a complete charge in your life is the well-spring of personal leadership. Personal leadership is an outlook on life – and expectation and embracing of change – a drive to improve and experience more of life. It is a state of mind and heart. I work with clients who have made these commitments and set their feet on a path of growth and exploration. My personal leadership coaching is designed to help them go farther, with more confidence, than they ever thought possible.

Leadership qualities are not easy to develop. There is no magical formula to acquire them. They come through leadership development or leadership coaching. As a leadership coach, I can be very helpful my clients – helping them gain the focus and confidence to make the changes which will unlock their potential. As a leadership coach, I act as an advisor – helping clients achieve personal goals, helping them grow personally and professionally. In many cases, I have helped bring about dramatic changes in personal and professional lives of my clients. Some have had high ambitions and, with the help of my leadership-coaching rise, have become a company Chairman or CEO. Others have found that their true path was less lofty yet far more comfortable.

One of the most common mistakes that many of my clients initially make is to confuse leadership with management. Leadership is quite different from management. Many managers do not think like a leader. A good manager may not always make a good leader. To understand the difference between the two and to bring about the transformation of leadership skills requires special effort and focus. There are more managers and fewer leaders. In plain terms – management is some thing that one does, that is a career. Leadership is an ability, skill and style that a person has within them – and has been carefully developed and honed.

Personal leadership often requires the strength and courage needed to achieve higher goals in life and profession. You must make know your own convictions and passions. Then you apply them to your challenges and opportunities. Your values and beliefs are reflected in your actions within the company, team or organization. As a leader, you think of the success of the individuals, teammates or the company first. After all, their success will be your success as their leader. As a leader, you must deeply study the system under which a business is run, it’s only then a plan for a radical change can be drafted.

Good leaders must have exemplary character and discipline. Honesty and integrity makes a leader trustworthy. Although a leader might have diverse roles and responsibilities as a leader, he/she must be enthusiastic at work, as well as in family and society. People around a leader must draw inspiration from the contact. As a leader, you must always be available for communication. In order to excel in life you leadership must show itself in an orderly fashion, even in changing and uncertain conditions.

A true leader is one who is, at all times calm, composed and focused on the goals in life. There are times in everybody’s professional and personal life that are full of stress and crises. A leader continues the journey ahead with a cool head. While doing this, an effective leader keeps the necessary focus to view and analyze situations in totality. A good leader breaks down a crisis in to small manageable steps without loosing the sight of the overall goal. Real leadership lies in commitment to excellence. Leaders believe that the best (and not the second best) lead to success. Hence, a leader sets and practices high standards in life.

Although it is a fact that some people are born leaders, I regularly help clients master leadership skills through personal leadership coaching. The outcomes of my leadership coaching engagements are the success stories of my clients. Many have made quantum leaps in their careers – others have found the courage to set out in a new direction and found a more fulfilling way to spend their time. All have experienced personal growth and increased their leadership skills. The principles of personal leadership, when practiced well, put you in the driver’s seat both in the society and at work. Every person has a set of skills and talents. As you explore your you deepen your self-understanding and move closer to becoming a personal leader.

If you want to learn more about my leadership coaching, send me an e-mail and we can schedule a time to talk.

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