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This volume is written as a series of ‘thinking pieces’ that are to serve as points of meditation on important matters. Think of them as rocks leading to the shore. I’ll leave you to figure out what and where the shore is, what the canoe signifies and what’s the reason for the journey. All I intend to do is provide a general map of where the stones are. I wish you well on your journey and hope that my map is of some use to you.

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I provide mentoring to those who have both the courage and determination to make a truly transformational journey. My approach is heavily influenced by core principles of Zen Buddhism. I don’t offer quick fixes or follow the latest fads. If you are willing to make the long journey – if it’s time for you to come to know the person you really are and can become – if you intend to finally find the path you should be following – if you want to start living life you were truly meant to live – then perhaps we should talk. Send me an e-mail and we’ll arrange a time to chat.

From Zen Mentoring: Forty Meditations

What I discovered, those decades ago, was that Buddhism was not a religion but a way of looking at the experience of being alive as a human being. That single understanding was truly life-changing. It set me on a journey of discovery and learning. Here was wisdom whose roots reach back well over 5000 years into human history. It represents the cumulative insights of hundreds of millions of human beings. And yet it is founded on only four basic principles.

MeditationsThose principles do not judge who you are or what you’ve become. They don’t condemn or denigrate. They don’t separate humanity into “them” and “us”. They don’t condemn parts of humanity to “hell” and consign the rest to “heaven”. In fact, the core principles of Zen Buddhism are completely without negative reference. They are based on the inherently positive idea that all humans carry within them the capability to experience life as the wonderful gift that it is. It’s four core principles gently suggest a path towards achieving this experience.

When I began mentoring, I tried all sorts of approaches. It quickly became apparent that my own experience with Zen Buddhism provided by far the most effective approach. At first I was worried that such an approach would seem alien to the people I was mentoring. But it quickly became apparent that such worry was wasted energy. Doors opened for client after client. The sun came up with warming frequency for the people I was working with. In short, it worked better than all the other “self-help” approaches.


As I look back over my experiences, the ones that I value above all are the times when I was able to help others. My fondest memories are of those times when a person faced a challenge that was truly daunting and was, with my help, able to overcome that challenge and grow in capability and understanding far beyond what they thought they were capable of. In a real sense, this book is written for those who find themselves in similar situations – facing challenges that they are not sure they can overcome. The message that I very much want to communicate is ‘Yes, you can overcome. Yes you can grow in mastery, understanding and knowledge. You can become so much more than you are.”

Buy Zen Mentoring – 40 Meditations on Amazon Kindle

Paperback   Smashwords

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