Dec 102014

Dr. Earl R. Smith II

A successful manager is the one who is able to get the strongest performance from his team. Most high-performance managers have employed an executive coach during their rise to the top. One of reasons that this pattern is so prevalent is that a coach helps bring out the best in the manager – and that helps the manager bring out the best in their team. Qualities that a manager should have and be able to imbue in his team are those that enable his employees to prosper and perform productively. Through the assistance of an executive leadership coach, these skills are nurtured and refined. Here are some of the areas that I work on with clients in my coaching practice:

STRANGE-FRIENDS-dogs-13657812-660-425Integrity: Management dishonesty is one of the top reasons why employees leave a company. This is most often due to employers, managers and supervisors lying to them. The simple act of telling the truth when asked about an issue builds trust between an employee and the manager. Of course, the truth may not be well received, but the fact that it was told is what the employee will remember.

Respect: No one likes to be treated as being inferior. Everyone deserves to be treated as an adult and as an equal. A belief commonly held by some managers is that by ruling with an iron fist and holding absolute authority, they command respect. This type of authoritarian rule is what sparks rebellions and dissension. This type of leadership style generally indicated a weak manager compensating for that weakness. If we respect others, we shall receive the same in return. That is the best way to build loyalty.

Consistency: Inconsistency only confuses and angers employees. Consistency helps employees know where you and they stand on issues, not doing so will produce counter productive results and behavior.

Consequences: Many organizations do not attach costs to poor performance. I recently worked with one manager who would assign a task and, if it were not delivered on, would simply act as if the task had never been assigned. If employees are producing positive results then reward them with appropriate praise and acknowledgment. If they are not performing well then provide resources and encouragement before using disciplinary actions. By keeping this in mind you are showing that you are fair and consistent and keeps office morale high.

Not This Kind Of Hooker!

Not This Kind Of Hooker!

Empowerment: Every member of a team possesses their own skill set, if we ignore this fact we undermine the team as a whole. Through good coaching, we can learn to delegate roles to the team and use these resources. A sign of a poor leader is trying to do everything and not sharing knowledge with others out of a sense of fear of loosing control.

Recognition: Praising an employee that performs well is not a requirement all the time but showing them you appreciate their hard work goes a long way. This also accomplishes a few things at once: First, it shows upper management who is standing out. Second, it shows the pride of the manager in his team and the loyalty he has to them. Third, it will bolster the employee’s appreciation and keeps performance high.

There are many more qualities a manger should posses. By employing an executive leadership coach, you can develop them and concentrate on your personal growth. The results will be increased productivity, company morale, communication and morale. Remember that a team only works as well as its leader and by working on your skills; it will benefit more than just you will.

© Dr. Earl R. Smith II

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