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Raven Press – Spring Deals

Raven Press participates in the Amazon Countdown Deal Program. As a result, you can buy books at a substantial discount during one-week sale periods. Up to 83% off!


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Envisionings – A new and revolutionary approach to political and social theory May 31 June 7 Envisionings_Cover_for_Kindle
Dream Walk: Parables for the Living – A life’s journey is a marvelous thing – bookended by confusion and disorientation – yet between those awesome extremities there are abundant opportunities for clarity and comprehension. June 10 June 17 BookCoverImage
Venture Funding – Embarking on the search for venture funding is a perilous business which risks your company and all it may become. Learn from and experienced entrepreneur. June 10 June 17 BookCoverImage
Zen Mentoring – There are plenty of places to learn about the techniques and technologies of business but what will differentiate you as a human being is your humanity and your understanding of what it means to live as a human being. June 10 June 17 Meditations
The Toast of Broadway – What begins as a series of bizarre murders in the theater district of Manhattan, quickly develops into a global struggle against a powerful international criminal cabal. June 10 June 17 BookCoverImage
Mentoring Leadership – Leadership guidence from a sucesssful entrepreneur and mentor June 10 June 17 Click to Buy From Amazon
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