May 052014

Dr. Earl R. Smith II

Strategic Planning is critical to a company’s future. A facilitated planning retreat can significantly improve results. I specialize in designing and managing them.

My teams are composed of highly skilled professionals who have successful careers and are actively engaged in practicing their craft. Each retreat is custom crafted to meet the needs of the client. We combine subject-matter expertise with management experience to form teams which will identify and address the hard problems that are limiting your company’s upside.

Don’t make tomorrow’s journey using yesterday’s maps

We specialize in organizing strategic planning retreats for government contractors. Each team and program is custom designed.

We begin by assessing the qualifications of company as they relate to their specific  space. We review the company’s performance, analyze its client base, management team, pipeline and resourcing. Our objective is to identify growth strategies including, but not limited to, direct contracting, partnerships, teaming and affiliations. Based on these findings, we deliver a series of recommendations which include targeting of potential business, teaming partners, affiliations and joint venture opportunities, staffing strategies, resourcing requirements, time-lines and branding strategies.

Having built a solid foundation for the process, we organize and facilitate a strategic planning retreat. The central objective is to provide management and other stakeholders with the critical information necessary to develop a clear vision of the possibilities, risks and requirements for successfully expanding the company’s business base. We deliver both an analysis and recommendations, reviews them with management and guides the development of a strategic plan. Our involvement does not stop with the retreat. We conduct a post-retreat reviews and assessments and monitor the implementation of the plan.

The facilitated strategic planning process is completed in five phases:

  • Research and analysis by my team with the support of the management team
  • Analysis of the collected data by my team resulting in findings and recommendations
  • Presentation of the finding and recommendations during the facilitated retreat
  • Review of the process and planning for implementation
  • Monitoring, assessment and adjustment

The Team is the Key: We assemble a team from our core team augmented by others with relevant expertise and contacts. Each team is lead by me and includes experts in federal contracting, staffing and resourcing, partnering and teaming and planning retreat facilitation.

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