Dr. Earl R. Smith II

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Hesitate and lose the chance to live your dream. Act and begin living them today. 

It’s hesitancy that destroys a life’s potential. The possibility that your dreams will become your life is always out there. But the reality is that your unwillingness to put away the habits which are keeping you from living such a life is dominating your living experience in very destructive ways. And, for the most part, you don’t realize, or are not willing to accept, that it is you who are doing this. I can help you find and follow your passions.

How many times have you heard a very successful person say that the first step to a successful life is finding out what you really love to do and then doing it? People who connect with their passions are always more successful than those who shy away from them. They live much more fulfilling lives of joyful anticipation. I have helped people realize that it is their own behavior sabotaging their life. They stop blaming the ‘out there’ and start taking responsibility for their own life. And then we go on a search for passions. Finding them is like finding diamonds or gems of great value. They are out there. You just have to stop not looking.

Embrace the possibilities of your life and live your dreams.

Over and over again in my mentoring work, I encounter people who reflexively associate with others who lessen them. Or maybe they lessen themselves in order to fit in. I called this, shrinking yourself for the sake of others. The unavoidable fact is that such behaviors are incredibly damaging to your life. Instead of finding people who lessen you, you should be looking for people who lift you up and feature so. That is the first step towards embracing the possibilities of your life and living your dreams.

Remember: Loss and grief are for those who live in the past.

Don’t get stuck in the past. And don’t mortgage your life or some desired future. The only thing that each of us has is the present moment and the ability to decide what were going to do with that moment. Living in the past, allowing yourself to be tortured by memories and regrets, is the single most effective way to ensure that you won’t live the life that is there for you and that you will never live your dreams.

Joy and anticipation nourish those who live in the present.

Your life experience should nourish your soul. The moment you release yourself from the bondage – the chains that you yourself have forged – life becomes an exercise in joy and anticipation. Once you are free from a jail you have constructed and locked yourself in, the world opens up and the possibilities it offers are astounding. You begin to experience how amazing the gift of life is and how unique you are as the individual who has receive that gift.

Dreams and fulfillment await in your future. But only if you become alive enough to claim them!

Those who live in the past tend to see their dreams as unattainable fantasies. They are like the reality TV show which is not really reality but something gossamer out there meant only to entertain and distract. But people who have freed themselves from self-bondage know that dreams can come true. Unlike the self-saboteurs, they don’t shoot themselves in the foot before running a marathon. Their life has become an exploration of the amazing possibilities that have come to them simply because they were granted the gift of life.

The harder thing is to know and do what you should be doing today!

You have probably seen those ads for treatment of addiction. The message is “addiction is a disease, you can’t fight it on your own”. Well, aversion to the opportunities that life is offering you is also a disease and it is incredibly difficult to fight that disease on your own. Like addiction treatment, the way forward involves finding an experienced guide who has walked those roads before. One who has met and mastered the same challenges you are facing. And, believe me, they did not do it alone.

The way to the life that is there for you to live begins with finding that guide. A person who has slaughtered the demons that you are facing. Who has mastered the challenges. A person who wants to help others do the same. One who will lift you up – support you on your journey – help you find the courage and determination to change – and, yes, push you when you would rather not take a chance.

My message to you is clear. It is your life and how you live it is the most important decision you will ever make. With hesitation and apprehension, you can turn it into a wasteland of missed opportunities and joyless existence. Or you can open up to the possibilities that the gift of life offers. You can learn to embrace those possibilities and live a life you are now only dreaming of. It is your choice. It is your life.

© Earl R Smith II, PhD