The Cabal – Volume Two Marked For Murder: After solving the Broadway murders case and, in the process, dealing a heavy blow to the Cabal, the enemy decides to strike back. They marshal all there resources to punish Anna and her family. The Cabal has marked them all for murder.

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What begins with a visit from an intriguing woman with a problem quickly becomes a life and death struggle against a criminal cabal. All of Anna’s powers and the strength of her team are needed to overcome an enemy determined to destroy them all.

A few months after the confrontation in May, Anna and her family find themselves again in the cross hairs. It all begins with a meeting in the office of the Manhattan brownstone that Anna owns.

“She pauses and her eyes drop. Her hands come together in the middle of her lap and bear down. I decide to prod her along. “You came here to talk to me about something important. That took a lot of guts. Why don’t you just spill it?”

“I suppose you are right. But that involves me taking a step that cannot be unmade once it is taken. I guess that I am not as comfortable as I thought I would be. As far as I know, I am the only one who has discovered what I can ‘spill’ as you call it. But I have just met you. How can I take such a risk? Once you know what I know, I am vulnerable. Chambers and Associates is a big and powerful company. Mister Dronzek is a formidable man. If I tell you what I know, how can I be confident that you will not sell me out? Do you see my problem?”

Amazon Kindle & Paperback


From Marked For Murder

The boats hurtle towards each other at a combined speed in excess of fifty miles an hour. We haven’t fired a shot.

At fifty yards out, Roger yells and Wally spins the wheel hard to the right and the No-Hookem makes a sharp turn to starboard. The guy in the other boat sees the move but it’s too late. Our port beam is right across his bow. The devil is high and dry. Roger yells, “Now.” Yun and I open up with the Glocks.

Now you probably have never fired one of these beauties. Our version comes with a thirty one round magazine that can be emptied in a New York heartbeat. The cabin of the other boat gets shredded. You see we have a critical advantage. They’re using standard ammunition. Ours is armor piercing. Their rounds mostly embed in the side of the boat. Ours slice through like a hot knife through butter.

One of the guys who has rushed to the bow in order to get a better shot goes over the side with enough holes in him to attract sharks from twenty miles away. A second drops to the deck. Graveyard dead. Now there’s just the guy at the wheel and he’s not feeling as confident as he was just a few seconds ago. He wants out badly.

He spins the boat sharply to the left. It’s now just twenty yards away paralleling our course. Roger pops up and unloads all three rounds from his grenade launcher. Two drop into the cockpit. The third slaps up against the hull. All three explode at once. Seconds later the boat is nothing but flotsam and jetsam surrounded by fire and floating fuel.