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For Westerners, one of the most maddening things about Zen (and Buddhism in general) is that it is neither a theology nor a proscriptive philosophy. As a result, many of my students experience vertigo when first encountering the Zen way. This vertigo tends to generate coping behaviors. These behaviors are best seen as symptoms of an extra-cultural encounter. Here is an example:

“Just tell me the rules and I will follow them.” Western philosophy has tended to be very proscriptive. Many of the schools look more like religions. With the exception of outliers like Nietzsche and Emerson, most Western philosophies sit within a cathedral custom-designed to contain their basic tenets within its foundation.

When students first encounter meditation, they want to know its purpose. They want to know how it should be done. They want to know what results they should see. As spiritual seekers, they tend to see meditation as something to add to their to-do list. So, when they asked me what is the point of sitting and I respond, “the point of sitting is sitting” a confused look greets me.

“But I want to achieve enlightenment. Isn’t meditation the way to do that?”

“You are grasping,” I replied. “Go back and read the Four Noble Truths and tell me what that means.”

And so, they go and read. But upon their return, the confused look accompanies them.

“If the purpose of meditation is meditation, then how do I achieve enlightenment?”

[adinserter block="4"]“You are already enlightened. The problem is not attaining enlightenment. The problem is your acceptance of and participation in that enlightenment. The journey you are on is not from here to there but from here to here. Being awake means awakening to the perfection of what is and to cease contradicting it with the insistent proposition of what is not.”

In Western thought things must have a purpose beyond themselves. We insist that a tree must be more than a tree. For some, it may be a symbol. For others, a daydream. The same is true when we think about who we are. It is the extension of our virtual selves that draws our concern. Lives are spent chasing the very thing that is there all along in the name of something that will never be there. In Zen thinking, the thing is sufficient within itself.


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It's the most amazing experience I have ever had. I needed to find a new path. A friend recommended Dr. Smith. From the first, it was clear that he and I were going to get along. What was most amazing was the wisdom and perception that he brought. New vistas have opened up and, as a result, a new chapter in my life. There's no way that I could put a value on what he has contributed to my life.

Mentoring Client, CEO and Serial Entrepreneur

Chief - That is how Dr.Smith was introduced to me and, based on our work together, I have come to understand why he was called so. He helped me focus on the possibilities that I had been missing in my life. He guided through developing a new vision for my life. Truly he would be my "Chief" anytime and I will always value his guidance and wisdom. My life is richer because of working with him.

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Earl is a very wise individual with a lot of experience. He truly understands business and professional development. Earl has a great way of explaining things and getting you to look at things from another perspective. Earl is a tough mentor, but if you can learn just some of what he knows you will come out ahead.

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“Dr. Smith is a very different kind of mentor. If you’re looking for a warm and fuzzy adviser, this is the wrong guy for you. But if you are dedicated to change and want to be challenged by a very experienced mentor Earl may be just what you are looking for.”

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“I consider Dr. Smith to be a truly revolutionary thinker and leader. His mentorship has been of great value and inspiration to my own personal and professional development. I was at a point in my life where I felt the need to take a new direction. He helped my sort out the possibilities and showed my ones that I never considered. Working with him has been a truly life-changing experience.”

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“Dr. Earl Smith is a very gifted and talented thought leader and strategist. I had an opportunity to work with him on various occasions, and found his analytical thought process to be the most creative and illustrative in the industry. He is a great asset in developing business solutions from complex problems and chaos in the every day world.” Executive Director, Global Innovation Summit,