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Enter the world of Omega/Alpha. Meet Anna. A paranormal private detective, psychic and much more. Her confidential assistant, Ian MacGregger. A Scot transplanted from Scotland Yard via Interpol. Then there’s the French electronics expert and bodyguard, the ancient Catalan butler, a cleaver wielding Chinese Chef and a gardener who is older than dirt. Throw in the old man who lives up on the mountain, a panther, grey wolf, a seven foot long bushmaster and a resident raven. Stir in psychic connections, intuitions and shape shifting and you have one of the most unique places on the planet.

The Cabal Series: The Toast of Broadway, Marked for Murder & The Sound of Fury

Enter the world of John Reynolds. A senior intelligence operative with a strange and strained past. Death in the Northern Woods – a Phantom is Born – the Nightmare Begins and the global intelligence community holds its breath. Three dozen top intelligence operatives and officers are called to a retreat in the northern Minnesota woods during the dead of winter. When one of them begins to suspect that something is about to go very wrong, he reaches out to allies. They share his apprehension. Something is going to happen. People are going to die. But none of could anticipate what comes to pass.

The Survivor Series: The Story Begins & Shadows in the Mist