“I never suspected how powerful a 140 character message could be until I started applying the lessons in your book. Now I spend less time on Twitter and am getting benefits galore. Thanks for a great book.”

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Here are just a few reviews by people who have read and benefited from Twitter super-Charged:

“This book is a brilliant and highly useful description of how to turn Twitter into an excellent marketing and branding instrument. Every chapter has hints that helped me improve the return on my efforts. I refer to the book constantly. It is a remarkable resource. I urge you to publish it.”

“I couldn’t believe how badly I was at using Twitter until I read your book. But you went beyond showing me how I was messing up; you showed me how to become a Twitter star. I am ever grateful to you for that.”

“Reading this book and then applying your ideas has been an exhilarating experience. I thought that I knew how to use Twitter but I realize that I was just an amateur. Now my Twitter accounts have become a major part of my branding and marketing efforts. The results have been stunning.”

“I can’t thank you enough for this book. The skillful way you open opportunities for improvement has made it easy to gain mastery. I now have a thriving, robust and systematic approach to using Twitter. It has opened exciting possibilities and a virtually limitless range of possibilities.”

“I must admit that, before I read your book, I had taken a very casual approach to Twitter and was getting very little out of it. The book has revolutionized my approach. The change is remarkable. Now I am a Twitter fan big time.”

“Each chapter brought new and powerful ideas. The book is easy to read – deceptively so given the eye-opening tidbits that seem to flow one after another. I’ve always believed that knowledge is power. This book has made me a more skillful and powerful Twitter user.”

“This remarkable book has helped me visualize an entirely new approach to using Twitter. Each chapter is full of solutions that increase my abilities to generate real benefits from Twitter. The language is strong and direct – easy to read and understand. Some of the nuggets are truly mind-blowing. Thank you for this unique and highly valuable book.”

“I would never have believed it. I’ve gotten new business and new friends from Twitter. If you had told me a few months back that both would happen, I would have laughed in your face. You showed me the way and I am forever grateful. Thanks, Doc.”

Amazon Kindle & Paperback